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Konnie Ellis

Hi, Gene. Yep, this problem seems to come and go. If it happens again, I will consider the hovering issue. I’d actually thought of it before, but nobody else seemed to be considering that as a possibility, so I appreciate the input.



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I wouldn’t have commented, but you asked if anyone wants to bet.  I don’t think the viewpane is involved.  This sounds like something that opens when you hover over a message with the mouse but in this case, simply selecting it by moving to it causes it to open.  I have never seen a view pane function as described.  And note that the text of the message isn’t shown, only information about the message.  I have never seen focus automatically moved to a view pane either.  I have to move to it.


the problem may not exist any longer, as to the last message from the person who asked the question.  But if it returns, I think the answer is to try to find information about a feature that shows message information when hovered over or perhaps selected.



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My guess is she has the reading pane turned on.


Any bets? 😊


All the best




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Sent: 22 September 2021 18:54
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I have asked about this on a tech geek group, and so far no one can match the description to a behavior they've encountered.

My quick and dirty suggestion for a possible workaround that doesn't involve restarting Outlook is hitting the Escape key when that pop-up pops up.  This virtually always dismisses them, and leaves focus wherever you happened to be prior.

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