Re: Android Emulators

Russell James

I didn't see any response to your request

I'll share what I know and hopes that it will help you

The Android emulator that comes with the Android SDK is not going to work with nvda on your Windows computer
You will need a screen reader running in the Android emulator such as Google TalkBack in order to access the screen content of the Android emulator

I have not used that emulator for some time and you used to have to side load Google talkback to make this happen

In the past I have requested keyboard shortcuts on Android to enable accessibility so that you could do things like this using the Android emulator or an Android virtual machine

I'm not aware of any Android emulators that come with talkback installed and enabled but it's not out of the question

Similar capabilities can be achieved using an Android image running in a virtual machine on your Windows computer and over the years there have been several of these images shared after having installed and enabled TalkBack

If you reply with what you want to use the Android emulator for on your Windows computer maybe there are recommendations they can be shared


On Tue, Sep 21, 2021, 11:08 PM Jacques Jumonville <jpjino885@...> wrote:
Hi my name is Jacques and I'm blind and I'd like to know if there are any emulators with google play store included in them that could work with NVDA?

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