Using NVDA with Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Russell James


I have a couple problems when using MS RDP with NVDA as described below.

Sometimes when I use MS RDP to access another Windows computer from my local Windows computer the audio from the remote computer is much lower than the local computer audio.

For example, I was using a local Windows 10 computer to RDP to a remote Windows 8 computer and I can hardly hear NVDA output from the remote computer, however, the local computer NVDA output is easy to hear.

I am not using NVDA remote, I'm running NVDA on both computers and using the audio from RDP.

The volume on the remote computer is set to 100%.

The sound mixer on the local computer does not include a selector for RDP.
All the selectors are at the same level.

If I go to the remote computer and disconnect from RDP the NVDA audio follows the volume control on that computer.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

When I use MS RDP to access a remote computer and try to update NVDA on the remote computer the update fails with a file in use error.

The error reports something like the file is in use by another user and allows you to retry, however, the only way I know to resolve this problem is to go to the remote computer  and access it directly and complete the update.
A screen shot of the error dialog box is attached for reference.

Many years ago this did not happen.
When I first ran into this problem I reported it.
It has never been resolved since.

It is not always easy to go to the remote computer to do the NVDA update.

If there is a better way to do this please let me know.

Thank you


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