Re: Zoom app verbosity is too aggressive. Any way to adjust?

Luke Robinett

Update on this. I installed the Zoom Enhancements plugin and it doesn't address the specific challenge I'm experiencing. It seems to basically wrap keyboard shortcuts around the same accessibility settings already available in the Zoom app. My problem is that the alerts from Zoom are too agressive, meaning they are spoken even when Zoom doesn't have focus. They are clearly coded as ARIA alerts which should only be used for user-critical notifications, not routine screen reader feedback. Perhaps this is more a feature request I should place with Zoom, if that's even possible.
Additionally, the keyboard shortcuts for the app don't even work as stated on the add on page for it. Pressing shift + NVDA + A is supposed to cycle through the Zoom announcement modes but just speaks a capital "A" when I press it. The control + NVDA + number keys to toggle individual alerts don't work either. Nothing happens when I use these keyboard shortcuts. I've restarted NVDA and tried reloading plugins but no luck. I see the settings page for Zoom Enhancements in NVDA settings so I know the add on installed correctly.


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