Re: Does anyone know if NVDA works with the BlueStacks Android emulator?


On Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 07:14 PM, JinYoun wrote:
Hi, How do I get talk back on windows to use blue stack? I downloaded it to my pc and NVDA does not read me anything... 
You have this entirely backwards.  Once an emulator is on Windows it is within the emulator that you "get" any applications relevant to that ecosystem.

There has just been a discussion today regarding the fact that emulators are "walled gardens" that, while they run under a given operating system, are worlds of their own.  You work within them, not jumping across that wall.

I do not know whether there are any users of specific Android Emulators either on the Blind Android Users Group or Android Accessibility Group, but those would be better places to ask about TalkBack (or, more accurately, Android Accessibility Suite) in emulated Android environments.

NVDA does not work under Android, and as soon as you are inside an emulator you are effectively in Android and only have access to things that run under Android.

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