Re: NVDA speech audio destination. windows 10


Hi, You may or may not need to configure something in Windows sound settings, or you can check the sound device in NVDA synth dialogue by pressing NVDA control s and then tabbing once. Hope this helps.

On Sep 27, 2021, at 4:22 PM, Mário Navarro <> wrote:

Hi All.

Is it possible to choose the audio NVDA synthesizer speech destination when we are using a Bluetooth Speaker?


When I'm listening music on a Bluetooth device speaker, I'd like to listen to NVDA synthesizer speech audio in my ultrabook speaker, not Bluetooth Speaker.
This way I can continue to work on my ultrabook and listen music on the bluetooth device Speaker
This is possible, or there is some addon for this function .
I've tried several ways but without success.
thank you.

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