Re: NVDA Responsiveness in Versions of Microsoft Office


I have a feeling that UIA support is still kind of janky at best and is still under development, and yes, typing is much snappier in word with UIA turned on, and this computer has rather limited system resources btw. I know this isn't quite on topic, but I'll also mention a few things I noticed in Excel with UIA support turned on, and btw I have both office 16/365 (or something like that) which I got from my college for viewing narrated powerpoints and office 2007 (I know, I know, it's so old but that's what my family has). I found the following, particularly with the newer office version (and sorry I know this is Excel):
- Pressing NVDA+Space does not switch between browse an focus modes.
- Pressing NVDA control C and NVDA control R does not allow you to set automatic row and column header reading.
- Commands to select an entire row (shift + down arrow) and commands to select an entire column (control shift down arrow) don't work as intended. Instead, I get something like (selected 1 through 1) which isn't right.
And yes, none of these are a problem with UIA turned off.

And a few issues with excel and braille displays (and yes speech is perfectly fine here):
- When I enter browse mode and navigate between cells, nothing on the braille display changes but I hear all the contents read out to me in speech. This is not at all an issue in focus mode (and yes I did report this on NVDA issue tracker under the name mrsviolafangirl).
- When using the newer version of Excel (and yes this happens no matter if UIA is enabled or not), when I type into a cell with  a braille display connected, the contents of what I'm entering is not showing up on the braille display (but it is spoken just fine in speech) and I have to press escape or enter to read what I typed on the braille display. This is a non issue in my old MS Excel 2007.
And yes, I'm well aware that the number of people who use braille displays is quite limited so I totally understand if braille display issues are hard to reproduce.

Okay sorry for commenting on excel issues on this thread, but if there's some little quirks using NVDA with MS office that can use some fixes, it's worth mentioning lol.

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