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On Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 12:06 AM, Jackie wrote:
I wonder what would cause that,
as groups.io has all its dns records in place & its reputation is
beyond stellar.
I use Gmail and have never had a Groups.io message marked as spam, either.

But my original message was not focused on Gmail, nor is this one other than mentioning it.

Virtually every e-mail service now has feedback loops built in where, when someone marks a message as spam, that information is sent back to the email service provider and they use this to tweak their spam filters.  Some are much more discriminating about how this is done than others are and, for some, all it takes is a very few spam reports for something to suddenly become classified on the server side as spam.

I was active in the Groups.io beta group (now quite a misnomer, but it still exists) and it was (and from what I can tell, remains) a constant battle to prevent groups.io messages from being spam trapped at times for who knows what reason.  But Mark Fletcher, the site owner, was constantly having to contact providers about this.  And what was weirder is that even after he did, and they removed the filter, many did not permanently whitelist the groups.io domain, which they should have.

It is impossible for a subscription service to spam you (and I don't count if someone were spoofing groups.io addresses, which is a separate issue).  If you must subscribe to a group/list to get messages, they are, by definition, not spam.  You requested them, and you can terminate them at will.  Domains like groups.io and freelists.org and similar should be whitelisted by major email providers for this reason, and are, at least by some.

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