Re: Eloquence and NVDA: automatic language switching

Gianluigi Coppelletti <gianluigi@...>

Thanks Rui,

yes, that's a SAPI5 synthesizer.

The automatic language switching is not the most important feature as i can create a profile to switch manually, but it is very useful for me. I'll think about it before purchasing.

Thanks again.


Il 28/09/2021 19.57, Rui Fontes ha scritto:

If you are talking about Eloquence in SAPI5 it will not have that feature...

I think it is SAPI5 itself that do not have it...

Rui Fontes

Às 18:06 de 28/09/2021, Ashutosh Singhal escreveu:
In my experience, Espeak can automatically  switch languages but, Neither CodeFactory vocalisers  nor Window one coor voices can automatically change their languages. Sorry, I do not know about CodeFactory eloquence.

On Tue, 28 Sept 2021 at 21:48, Gianluigi Coppelletti <gianluigi@...> wrote:

I'm testing the demo version of Eloquence by CodeFactory, and when I
visit a web page in a language other than the default one, the
synthesizer doesn't automatically switch to the language of that page.
Obviously the check box concerning the automatic language switching is
checked and with Espeak it works fine.

Am I doing something wrong or this option doesn't work with this version
of Eloquence?

This happens with NVDA 2021.2 Windows 10 and Eloquence 1.11.0 just
downloaded from the official website.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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