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hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi Quentin

The lady I have been talking to via email say what happens  goes like this.

she goes into outlook and does a new email. In the body of the email she will type up some stuff. If then she uses the Windows key + . to bring up the emoji panel when she arrows around the emojis are spoken out correctly She presses the enter key on the one she wants it is then inserted into the email. Then she will press the escape key to close the panel So if she types more and then adds more text and emojis it is not until  it is when she goes to review the email it says 12 in place of the emoji.

So the example would be I saw a emoji police car today and a fire emoji engine down the street.

The word emoji is not spoken out but it was more to let you know it was in the email.

so when she goes to read it back with the arrow keys she gets the following in the email.

So the example would be I saw a 12today and 12down the street.

She is using Windows 10 and nvda 2021.2. I think she said it also happened in word when she went to review the document where she had inserted them.

Those settings were checked you gave. I have told her what to do about setting to debug level recreating the problem in the program and sending me back the log so I can do a ticket.

She said when some one sends her a email with emojis in it they are spoken out correctly but not in the part where you type stuff inserting a emoji then reading back the email to send it that is where the problem is. She does not have a braille display she is hearing it.

Apparently I have seen 2 or 3 others on the list with the same problem in the thread.

Gene nz

On 29/09/2021 2:13 pm, Quentin Christensen wrote:
On the voice settings page (NVDA+control+v) you want to enable "Include Unicode Consortium data (including emoji) when processing characters and symbols"

"When this checkbox is checked, NVDA will include additional symbol pronunciation dictionaries when pronouncing characters and symbols. These dictionaries contain descriptions for symbols (particularly emoji) that are provided by the Unicode Consortium as part of their Common Locale Data Repository. If you want NVDA to speak descriptions of emoji characters based on this data, you should enable this option. However, if you are using a speech synthesizer that supports speaking emoji descriptions natively, you may wish to turn this off.

Note that manually added or edited character descriptions are saved as part of your user settings. Therefore, if you change the description of a particular emoji, your custom description will be spoken for that emoji regardless of whether this option is enabled. You can add, edit or remove symbol descriptions in NVDA's punctuation/symbol pronunciation dialog.

To toggle Unicode Consortium data inclusion from anywhere, please assign a custom gesture using the Input Gestures dialog."

On Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 8:42 AM hurrikennyandopo ... <hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:
Hi guys

Has any one had the following problem using outlook? when after
inserting a emoji when you go to read back what you have typed in the
email it says 12 instead of the name of the emoji.

They are using windows 10 not sure which version yet and to make sure I
am going to get her to update nvda she might already have I will find
out shortly.

The below is what she said and I have no answer about saying emoji
before it.

But, weirdly, when I select them and read back over that spot it just
says 12 where each one is.  Then if I send the e-mail and someone
replies I can read them if I scroll down to my original e-mail.  Emojis
from other people are reading fine.

Is this a setting I need to change in NVDA or is it something to do with
my rather outdated 2013 version of outlook.  And can I set NVDA to say
emoji when it reads one so I know it isn’t part of the text if it is a
bit random.

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