Re: Downloading from Vocalizer Tiflotecnia and Automatic Language change

Rui Fontes


1 - Here is the text explaining how to procede...

To install the driver and the desired voices, perform the following steps:
• 1 - Open the NVDA menu, with NVDA+N;
• 2 - Down arrow until Tools submenu and press enter to open it;
• 3 - Find the item "Manage Add-ons" and press Enter;
• 4 - Click on the "Install" button and in the following dialog browse to locate the desired Add-on;
• 5 - After pressing the "Open" button, NVDA will present a warning dialog asking you to confirm you want to install. Answer Yes to continue;
• 6 - Execute these steps untill you have installed all desired Add-ons. To finish, Tab untill the "Close" button and press Enter. Re-start NVDA when prompted.

2 - But, pay atention that is the old version and that one only switch languages by indication of NVDA!

3 - The version available at can also switch language based in the group of Unicode characters present...

So, even if the web page do not identify the language, if the text is writen with greek characters, Vocalizer will switch to greek if the voice is installed.

The download page is at:

unfortunately, now is only in portuguese...

Rui Fontes

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 23:58 de 29/09/2021, Gene escreveu:

The download ;page, near the top, describes how to install the synthesizer add-on and the voices.  They are all installed as add-ons according to the page.  Where you save them doesn’t matter, just as it doesn’t matter where you ssave and store any exe files or add-ons you want to run. 
While I expect you are on  the correct page, here is the link to avoid any possible confusion:
The instructions begin a few lines from the top of the page.
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Subject: [nvda] Downloading from Vocalizer Tiflotecnia and Automatic Language change
Hi Group,

I have two questions and I would appreciate your
1. As it is said that Vocalizer Tiflotecnia for NVDA has automatic
language change I tried to download voices that I need, but I am not
sure where to save them when it gives me the option to open or save.
1. eSpeak sometimes performs automatic language change but incorectly.
For instance when I have Turkish text it reads it as Spanish.
Also when I read Greek text on a website it reads the letters one at a
time, but not as words or sentences.
When I copy the text and paste it into a Word document it reads it as
it should.
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