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Rui Fontes

Probably, if the machine being acessed is using the new version of remote access by the first time, the user still not pressed the button named Connect and do not alert anymore...

Rui Fontes

Às 08:53 de 30/09/2021, Christopher Duffley escreveu:

No, it will not. I can also tell you this from experience as I use NVDARemote just about every day for what I'm doing: controlling another machine that's not only out of my reach at this current moment, but also is in Europe at a datacenter! So yeah, that or RDP are my only 2 options, unless you want to add a somewhat unreliable TeamViewer to the equation.

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On Sep 29, 2021, at 23:21, benmoxey@... wrote:

To add to Christopher’s great suggestions, make sure the person on the other end hasn’t turned down their computer volume, thinking it won’t impact speech on your end. Speaking from experience here! 😊






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There are a few things I'd do...


Could you go into NVDA's Tools menu, and under Remote, make sure that 'Mute Remote' is not checked in that submenu?

Assuming this is unchecked, could you try NVDA+S on the remote machine to make sure the 'speech mode' is turned on, on 'talk' rather than 'off'?

If all this doesn't solve the issue, the only thing I know you can do is, if possible, restart NVDA and the machine remotely and it should come back up again as expected. If you had a connection issue, then it would have meant that the remote server you're using and/or the computer being controlled was off, or NVDA on that machine was off, but this probably isn't the case here.


Hopefully this helps!


Kind regards,


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On Sep 29, 2021, at 23:02, mukesh jain <mukeshfromkorba@...> wrote:

i am using nvda 2021 with remote 2.4. when i try to work on remote
machine after pressing f11 key, nvda does not speak anything.
i am trying to control remote machine. remote is getting connected.
but when i press f11 key, nvda does not speak anything and again after
pressing f11 to switch to local machine, nvda speaks normally.
what is the solution for it?

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