Re: addon updater


Hmmm I have experienced this on multiple windows 10 computers at multiple locations.

It also effects nvdas own checking for updates and this was on 2 different network previders and 3 computers.

2 of them wireless, one wired, 2 in the same location.

So it can't just be windows, its also effecting the update check in help.

But yeah, who knows could be anything I guess.

Of course its not a showstopper I'll just have to get my updates manually.

On 1/10/2021 7:26 am, Joseph Lee wrote:


The author of Add-on Updater himself (I) have experienced this once, and the workaround seems to be to visit website using your preferred web browser. If NV Access server was offline, chances are that folks would have reported problems with not only Add-on Updater, but NVDA update checks as well, affecting folks who do ask NVDA to check for updates every day. Since it doesn't affect everyone, chances are that the computer (more specifically, the operating system) might be assuming that the web trusts soon to expire security certificate without realizing that it isn't - connecting to websites flagged as secure (such as NV Access website) would inform Windows that the web is safer again.



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