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Well just out of interest I ran the portable nvda a new one on a test system and still couldn't get the latest check for nvda itself no addons at all so maybe something is screwing up generally.

I have noticed this with some other services so maybe its just due to covid and net use there are overloads at different times of the day or something.

The sites are themselves online or at least their web bits are and github is online so it must be whatever the databases are on which is the issue.

I mean I can send the log, there is this huge exception generated dump of stuff.

Obviously I won't be dumping this to the list because its really long but still.

On 1/10/2021 6:35 am, Clement Chou wrote:
The devices offline would have to be the servers for NVDA then...
because I'm getting the same dialogue box when I check for addon
updates as well as NVDA updates themselves. My internet is working
fine here. :)

On 9/30/21, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I expect we will see all sorts of traffic on what looks like a serious
problem that started today. I suspect this is one sign.

Here is information about the problem.

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From: Don H
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2021 12:08 PM
Subject: [nvda] addon updater

Running latest Win 10 and latest NVDA along with what I think is the
latest version of the addon updater addon. When I go to tools in the
NVDA UI and run check for addon updates I get a dialog box indicating a
error with no info as to what went wrong.

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