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I don't agree with you on this.
Its true, some of us are happy where we are.
However not all systems that were offered the update could take advantage of it.
Not everyone has the most updated software and or hardware.
Not to put a to sharp point it, the reason the update was hated was that microsoft! forced! the! upgrade! on! users!!!!!!!
They forced this update on us and gave us little choice in the matter.
Ofcause we hated it.
They basically put spyware on our systems to install it and while it worked for a multi device setup and while those that couldn't afford it like some of my family took advantage of the free offer.
There were those that were caught out.
Those that had to replace their hardware and many law suits against microsoft for an update that they neither wanted or could handle or needed.
As it stands, windows 10's goal of universal apps and a unified account is only good if you.
1. have or use an ms account all the time including but not limited to use another device like a tablet all the time and don't mind.
or 2 want to jump in and get something new maybe with new hardware.
I have seen situations where its been the best thing.
However in some situations things still go with it.
I know that after working on those units that use it when I return to my win7 based machines I find them easy to navigate etc.
There are also disquieting rumors going on that win10 will eventually become inaccessible to everything excluding microsoft narator which it appears ms is bribing people to say doesn't suck.
In reality, narator was crap before, and continues to be so, it was before and its worse now.
Microsoft is unlikely to make it better no matter what guff it states.
I am seriously going to have to get a legal old unit to stay legal or simple just not be legal at all if this continues.
There is no need to change things.
True the next high end hardware packages may not support 10 but we are talking about 6th and 7th generation hardware up.
There is enough 5th and 4th generation stuff right now that I could care less what os I use.
And while microsoft does accept feadback, the fact now the hype has gone as far as I care, windows 10 is just another slightly better version of windows 8 or vista or me, its junk.
Not all of it but enough of it is and with the anniversery update it can be worse.
Things like edge don't work out the box and with ms holding that close to their chest a lot of manufacturers just don't support it or care anymore.
Windows as a service sounds nice so does a lot of the tech around it, in reality though some stuff like universal apps, the new intergrated account system, edge and a few other things are just not ready for primetime.
And its worse for those of us with single machines, older hardware and or don't use a tablet.
I am one of those, we have a new computer using 10 though the rest don't.
I have family and friends using things to as far as they can go and enjoying it.
I am happy that microsoft is no longer forcing users.

On 21/09/2016 8:12 p.m., Alexander Masic wrote:
I have also see that many complain about the upgrade, however no one has
present good argument for that. The mayor problem is that people are to
laysy learning new thing.

Den 2016-09-21 kl. 08:30, skrev Gene:
Are you stating a hypothetical situation or something you know to be
the case? Does she need a new computer? If so, she may want to get a
Windows 10 machine. But you can get new computers that are not
Windows 10 machines. You can still buy Windows computers that are
business machines that have Windows 7 on them. And you can get
refurbished machines from computers for the blind that have Windows 7
on them. I don't know what Pauline's situation is. She talked about
upgrading to Windows 10. that kind of phrase is usually used by
someone who is considering upgrading an existing computer to Windows
10. But I don't know what her situation is nor what she has in mind.
I'm not advocating upgrading or not upgrading. I'm simply saying that
Microsoft has offered Windows 10 as a free upgrade and hyped Windows
10. I've seen enough people who have upgraded and had mild or more
serious regrets to simply say that the decision should be considered
carefully. In terms of purchasing a new machine, the person may want
to consider her options. Consideration may produce a different
conclusion when purchasing a new machine but again, that may be
something the person wants to discuss as well.
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Gene! Let’s just say Pauline Smith <>
desperately needed a new computer! Her previous computer decides to
bite the dust. Then if she did get a new one. It will be windows ten.
She would probably would need Windows defender that is like MSE. Now,
weather she’d want windows ten or wants to update. She and others who
purchase a new computer will have windows ten installed.

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Do you have specific reasons for upgrading to Windows 10? there are
reasons to approach doing so with caution. I won't go into an in
depth discussion now because I don't know why you wanbt to upgrade.
Depending on your answer, I may have more comments.


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Thank you all for letting me know about Windows Defender. With this
information, I will consider updating to Win 10 soon. I think I will
get the MS Accessibility line to help me do this.

Thanks, again for the Defender info.


On 9/20/2016 10:52 PM, Arlene wrote:
Hi, that's what I just said. windows defender does work for ten.
From what I heard it's more accessible with ten then it is for 7. Yes
it works just like MSE from what I heard.

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Hello Pauline:

Windows Defender replaces Microsoft Security Essentials.


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This is one of the reasons I haven't taken the plunge and updated to
Windows 10. I have no clue what antivirus will work. You can no
longer use Security Essentials after Win 7 I don't think.


On 9/20/2016 7:59 AM, Salva Doménech Miguel via wrote:

I’m now ussing Eset SmartSecurity 9, and it’s a very big shit. The
8 version was more or less accessible but my it upgrades automatically
to 9 version. After, I have used Microsoft Security Essentials (a very
good antivirus) in Windows 7, but in Windows 10 the Windows Defender
locks me some aplications like Utorrent, cause of that i changed to
Eset. I’m also looking for a good antivirus for Windows.


El 20 sept 2016, a las 13:53, Walmir Schultz via
<>> escribió:


It seems to me that the antivirus developers are the less
accessible-minded people in the software industry.

Until now I have not found an antivirus that can be used with
NVDA. From totally inaccessible right from the installation to barely
usable, none of the most famous free antivirus can be used without

I am using AVG because at least it can be automatically installed
with Ninite, but NVDA cannot read the messages dialog, I cannot
configure the antivirus and every time I install NVDA I need help from
someone cause AVG "don't like" something and NVDA stops responding.

What are your experiences in this matter?

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