Re: Couple issues with newest NVDA version

Roger Stewart

I just tried it with current nvda release and it restarted immediately after shutting down. Can't reproduce here.

On 9/30/2021 8:38 PM, JinYoun wrote:

Hi, I just noticed that when I choose restart after pressing NVDA + Q, NVDA seems to exit and then not start up again on its own. I have to press the shortcut keys to start NVDA again. I've tried this with all the add-ons disabled as well and tried restarting my pc. Also, I don't hear a sound for when NVDA exits like I used to. I have the options ticked in settings to play sounds for when it starts and exits.
Thank you for any help on this.

I tried searching for this in the forum, but could not find the answer, so I'm sorry if this has been asked before... 

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