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I’ve done more checking and I found an odd thing.  I have recent portable copies of NVDA.  One of them gives a proper update message when I run the updater.  Another one generates the error message.  This is for updating NVDA itself.  I don’t know why this is or what others experience but there is some sort of problem.  Whether and how it is related to the add-on problem, I don’t know but since I found it, I’m reporting it. 
The portable copies I tested the update feature on are betas but that shouldn’t matter.  They are betas of different recent versions.

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On Fri, Oct 1, 2021 at 08:23 AM, Chris wrote:
the problem is via check for updates menu item in NVDA only
And let's be perfectly clear here, it's via the Check for add-on updates in the NVDA Tools submenu.  The way this reads, it sounds like the Check for update. . .  option in the NVDA Help submenu.

I get the error message when I try a manual check for add-on updates.  I do not know whether this message is real (as in there is an actual error occuring) or spurious, as sometimes exception logic for "normal errors" can get buggy and a true error message gets thrown when, in reality, there isn't one.

I need to go back through this whole topic to see if an issue ticket for Add-On Updater exists for this.  If not, I'll create one, as something's gone wrong.

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