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i use libreoffice but i have incompatibility with persian and arabic diacritics.
and unfortunately jarte does not support my language,
do you know another free replacement for microsoft office which can
support unicode and also accessible with nvda and supports say all?

On 9/19/16, Brian's Mail list account <> wrote:
Be aware that the pro version I have also has access which seems to lock up,

and for many applications like Xcell, it can be better to use a more modern

version. Also download the file format converters in case you get sent any
of the formats with x on the end. I notice these are still getting updates,

but you have to find a copy of the service pack for 2002, if you want nvda
to work with it and indeed to have file format converters work with it or so

it appears. One other thing to note is that win 10 seems to be always
attempting to download updates to it, which Microsoft have removed from the

web. One would have thought their system would have been inteligent enough
to realise this without going on and finding it not there!

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Hmmm so office xp though quite old does work?
That for me may be a solution, I do not need office's crazy crazyness
that has been going.
office xp is old and insecure but the cd was brought by my highschool for

me, and that cd was given to me, the code was given to me and it is
To be honest though if someone offered me office I may still take it.
My dad has office on the home use program from his work 2013 2016 and 2010

as he upgraded from those.
Technically I could get his old ones, its not exactly legal but I am not
posting company keys and no one is the wiser.
I will have to reset office 2010 and maybe other keys on ms support and
such but it may be the way to go.
It does appear that where I get some stuff
has office volumes they sell off piecemeal.
You can still buy office 2007 for round 200 bucks.
In fact the only full prices are the latest versions.
I am seriously thinking of either 2010 or 2007 if I have to buy.
I don't need the latest I do wish we had an office program that worked
though that was not ms.
I don't use tables, in fact the only reason I use jarte is to read
incoming doc docx or rtf documents.
Jarte is a liteweight word processer based on the wordpad engine, its not

office it states this.
I mostly use html, audio and other things.
The nature of my work though does not involve an office app.
Now if only libre or openoffice can work without hassle because I was
really hoping I could go for either of those packages.
Right now I could probably go for a new version of office but thats
assuming its only 2-300 bucks so it will have to be cracked, old or just
not new.
That assumes that something like an external hdd doesn't break or
As of now, one of my phone units is on the way out, I am looking to a
range of between 70 to 20 dollars, so thats potentially 100 bucks I can't

use for things.
And while I have forked out on small things like a few games and music
things, I need to fork out cash for one of the networked workstations.
I have just this year forked out cash on 2 drives that died and a new
I fell into that trap last year when my phone died as well as another
drive which itself then died promptly after I got it.
I also need to update one of my hubs because the hardware on my wrig just

doesn't have the power to run with the full use of the hub.
Living at home does help and will help for a bit but I really want to
avoid core upgrades, its one reason I have not moved from win10 just yet

but who knows if and when I get my laptop, I may spend the oem cost to get

a key for the unit's whatever office its got loaded.
I realise it will be firmware tied but oh well that may be better than

On 17/09/2016 8:47 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Symphony was the core code which libra and Open are based around as far
as I know.
Jarte has issues with tables.
I recently was sent tabular word doc and it ended up as one big lump of
text, which in some ways is fine, but I hate to imagine what that might
look like when printed out in Jarte.

Believe it or not even word 2002 seems to work in windows 10 as long as
you put sp 3 in as well.

I said this before. I personally feel that Microsoft makes changes for
changes sake in office suites. OK the newer file formats can be useful
but to me they are just a bolt on and ribbon menus were a step back for
people who want to work logically from hierarchical menus.
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Hmmm I really wish those things worked together.
The way office is going, its causing loads of issues, the best version
seems to be 2007 or 2010 as long as you don't have to uninstall it.
I have jarte for a wordprocesser.
I am unsure but there was a program called lotus symphony, true thats
not developed anymore but if that works well.

On 16/09/2016 11:25 p.m., Walmir Schultz via wrote:

For my use, OpenOffice is even worse than LibreOffice.

It appears that those suites and NVDA have some form of
because when used together, both become unstable.

In LibreOffice, working with a very complex spreadsheet for some time
causes NVDA to stop talking (using F2 to reestablish things don't

In some cases, Calc totally stops responding.

Calculations with very large chunks of data (as adding cells of wntire
columns become VERY SLOW).

Change spreadsheets with PAGE DOWN and PAGE UP have strange results:
instead of speaking the name of the spreadsheet, sometimes NVDA

NVDA+SPACE don't work.

And so on...

I used MS Office some time ago in a friend computer and was amazed how
well NVDA and MS suite function together, but I can't afford buying
Office :(

Em 16/09/2016 05:29, Brian's Mail list account escreveu:
I'm a bit out of touch, but does Libra and Open Office still have the
read whole document issue with nvda?
Ie it will stop before theend.
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Subject: Re: [nvda] OpenOffice?

no, these days are long gone.

On 15/09/2016 17:22, Dan Beaver wrote:
Does OpenOffice not need Java accessbridge now?

It used to and I found it less than reliable.


Dan Beaver


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