Re: Accessibility in SumatraPDF


thanks extremely for asking this questions. because i wished that
someone asked and i found the reply.
i realy wish to use sumatra.
because: its realy simple, open source, has persian translation and
use little system resources, fast, stable and its simpleness even for
novice people like me.
but adobe its very professional and with complex settings and i could
not tolerate it.
when i used adobe most of times, the program crashed, my system hanged
and i turned my system off only with the power botton in my laptop and
i did not have any way to prevent my system from these terrible hangs.
and i uninstalled it forever.

i wish that we united and send letter for its developers together and
request for its accessibility or take help from someone who knows
programming and is familiar with accessibility.
since this program is open source, we have many doors that we can open
them to benefit from this program and we should insist on to achieve
our legal goal.
moreover, i heard that this program its accessible for narrator.
hope for very fast solution.

On 3/16/16, juan gonzalez <jgonzalezh614@...> wrote:
thank you for your input. guess i have to stay with Adobe.

On 3/15/2016 3:44 PM, Mallard wrote:

No, it doesn't.

In the old days, when the programme was first released, someone asked
about accessibility, but the dev said he didn't know anything about
accessibility, and didn't want to get involved. He said that, since
the software is open source, whoeer wanted to delve into that, could
do so...

Sumatra pdf doesn't have a text viewer, so no text can be read.

Pity, because it also reads epubs, amongst other things.

Hovever, i found that it does a great job saving pdf files to txt.
Of all these pdf reading programme, this is the one that "ruins" the
format least of all.


Il 15/03/2016 20:33, juan gonzalez ha scritto:
does anybody know if this PDF program works with NVDA?

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