Re: Microsoft teams with nvda

Sarah k Alawami

I love it, if you are in focus mode it works quite well. It is responsive and is a better experience than skype.

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Subject: [nvda] Microsoft teams with nvda

Hi guys

I have been asked the following question about how well nvda works with Microsoft teams. I do not use it so can not comment.

Are there others on the list who do and how well does it work with it.

I did not see a add on for it so is one not required? unless I missed it
on the website. I see there is one for zoom.

I note there is a lot of shortcuts you can use with it so I guess nvda
will work with it.

any bugs to look out while using it or is it pretty good.

I did come across this link and teams at

Any help would be good to feed back.

Gene nz

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