Re: How do I Stop NVDA from saying Blank when I arrow down in a document or email

Tony Malykh

Two options:
1. If you install Phonetic punctuation add-on, by default it is configured to replace the word "blank"  with a sound effect.
2. BrowserNav add-on is configured to skip blank lines in browsers, so it will just jump over it without announcing anything.

On 10/2/2021 8:00 AM, JOHN RIEHL via wrote:

I'm just getting started using NVDA at home and at work. About the only issue I'm having so far is that, on my work computer, when I'm arrowing down a document, either in Outlook 2016, Word, or in a web application that uses Firefox or chrome, I can't get NVDA 2021-2 to stop saying "blank" whenever I encounter a blank line. I have punctuation and symbols  set to none, and NVDA is set not to echo typed characters. Strangely, this isn't happening on my home computer using Office 2019 programs and, as far as I know, I have NVDA configured the same way.

Anybody got any suggestions?


Thanks for the help.

John Riehl  

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