Re: Add-on Updater 21.10 (mandatory update) released #addonrelease



And a big thank you to Joseph for his quick response in releasing a resolution to this issue


Thank you



From: Joseph Lee
Sent: 02 October 2021 14:21
Subject: [nvda] Add-on Updater 21.10 (mandatory update) released #AddonRelease


Hi all,

First, thank you for reporting add-on update error messages. The issue was traced to NVDA not looking for the correct SSL error, possibly caused by expired root certificate from Let’s Encrypt. As a result, Add-on Updater 21.10 was just released (manual download for now):


IMPORTANT: Add-on Updater 21.10 is a MANDATORY update to anyone using NVDA 2021.1 or later. I cannot backport this to earlier NVDA releases as the add-on uses features introduced in NVDA 2021.1.


In addition to fixing SSL certificate verification error, Add-on Updater 21.10 makes it possible to check for add-on updates after you perform a clean Windows installation without connecting to the Internet and then go online afterwards. This change comes from upcoming NVDA 2021.3 (alpha snapshots at the moment).


I advise applying this update as soon as possible – for now after installing Add-on Updater 21.10, ignore an offer from Add-on Updater to install Add-on Updater 21.09 – I will update this thread once Add-on Updater 21.10 is indeed offered.




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