Re: Add-on Updater 21.10 (mandatory update) released #addonrelease


You just hit enter jean.

you will get no indication its worked exactly but then it just does so it works.

On 3/10/2021 3:05 am, Gene wrote:
After we enter the text, do we just leave it there or is there a save or execute command?
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To resolve the error message when checking for updates to NVDA itself, try:

  1. Open Python Console (Control+NVDA+Z).
  2. Enter the following AS EXACTLY AS SHOWN:

import updateCheck; updateCheck._updateWindowsRootCertificates()

In order to verify that this issue is specific to NVDA 2021.2, please tell us which NVDA version you are using (please don't say "I'm using the latest version" because "latest version" can mean 2021.2, whatever version you might be using, or the latest alpha build). Thanks.



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