Re: Add-on Updater 21.10 (mandatory update) released #addonrelease

Dan Beaver

It said that for me after installing the 21.10 update to the updater.  I did the check for add-on updates and got that message.

Dan Beaver

On 10/3/2021 12:33 AM, Ali Colak wrote:
I applied the mentioned fix, and while the addon updater checks for
updates, and I believe NVDA does the same, they do not say there are
no updates. All I see in that case is a close button. I am able to
infer that there are no updates obviously, but from previous
experience wouldn't it say, "there are no updates"?

On 10/2/21, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:
Well I submitted the python fix of yesterday to the forum and this
worked on my secondary network.

Saying that a lot on that forum, well some of them, aren't that smart,
there are a loot of crack hackers but there are also a lot of kids or at
least adults with kid brains that just do and say whatever.

I don't respond to much of it anymore.

Obviously that forum is where all the audiogame tests and stuff come
from so I do have a presence on there, but there are people that look
for trouble so I mostly keep it down.

On 3/10/2021 10:34 am, Joseph Lee wrote:

I think I know the forum mentioned... Please tell folks there that, in
this case, downgrading may make things worse as the fix is unlikely to
be backported to older releases.



Dan Beaver (KA4DAN)

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