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Pranav Lal

Hi Jackie and all,

Many thanks for testing. I tried it after reading your message and am stuck at the sine up link. I can activate it without problems in chrome but then I have selected e-mail and am being asked for some kind of code. A most confusing site.


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Hey P, this site is a real b-word, & that is the polite & edited version. So I was able to do it in Chrome--firefox was pretty useless w/it.

On entry, you're displayed an offer of the day, which you have to click. Firefox didn't show it as that, ie, I think it's displayed as an overlay.

Once you do that, click the login link, then go into forms mode by pressing NVDA+spacebar.

Enabling object navigation, you'll find that it's asking for your email/mobile.

Definitively not designed w/the blind in mind.

On 10/3/21, Dejan Ristic <r.dejan83@...> wrote:

Although I'm not participating in this thread, I'd like you to hear a
few words from me:

When I happen to come across a link that won't open after making 100
efforts to make it open, I then do the following:

I focus on the very link that won't budge, and then, I do the right
mouse clicking, and then I open the link in a new window in Chrome.
That's helped me several times. Make sure whether it is a link you
wish to open. If it turns out to be a button, then this trick won't help.

Hope this helps.



On 03/10/2021 17:19, Gene wrote:
I have never seen that behavior. I suspect it is rare or quite rare.
Perhaps you are talking about something you would usually hover over
with a mouse.
Whatever the case, I said that what is going on may require sighted
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I don’t often rely on that as sometimes when you tab away the edit
fields can and may disappear. What browser are you using btw.

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When I was on the link, I opened the context menu in the browser and
pressed enter on copy. Your browser may say something different in
the menu like copy location or copy link. That copied the link to the
clipboard. When I read what was there, it just said JAVA script.
Since you aren’t blocking scripts, finding out what is occurring on
the page may require sighted evaluation. However, after you pressed
enter on the link, did you go to the top of the page and use the e
command to move through the page looking for an edit field that may
have come up in a different place on the page for logging in?


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Hi Gene,

I am not using any script blockers. The site is trust worthy but I
appreciate where you are coming from. How did you extract the
underlying link?


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Are you using any sort of script blocker or do you have JAVA scripts
set to off in your browser? This is a JAVA script link, as I found
when I copied the underlying link to the clipboard. I don’t know
anything about the trustworthiness of this site so I haven’t visited
the page with JAVA script enabled.


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*Subject:*[nvda] Unable to click on the login link

Hi all,

I am trying to click on the login link at the below URL.

I see the login link but when I hit enter on it, nothing happens. I
am supposed to see some kind of popup box.
I have tried the following without success.
1. I have switched to focus mode and have then tabbed to the login
link and hit enter.
2. I used object navigation to get to the link and then hit the
activate keystroke.
3.I used object navigation to get to the login link, hit the pass key
through keystroke and then hit the activate keystroke namely numeric
pad insert + enter in the nvda desktop keyboard layout.
4. I used the list of links feature, got to the login link and then
hit the activate option.

What can I do to activate this link?
It is possible that the link is being activate but NVDA is not seeing
the box. However, I am not sure if this is the case.


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