Re: NVDA can not read win10 command prompt window

Jacob Kruger

Dave, make sure you've switched back to object navigation mode, and not screen review mode while scanning through lines in command prompt?

As in, I work a lot in command line, and, just tested it, and, if in screen review mode, it will also just tell me top and bottom, while in object navigation mode it works fine?

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On 2021-10-04 02:20 PM, David Mehler wrote:

Retried the dir c:\ and using 7 8 and 9 which I know does not work on
it, NVDA just says top and bottom. I did check the settings, advanced,
UI section and use UI in command prompt windows is checked.


On 10/4/21, tim <> wrote:
In the settings go down to advanced and turn on the UI stuff.

On 10/3/2021 11:02 PM, David Mehler wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion. I just checked and yes I do have report
dynamic content changes checked.


On 10/3/21, John Isige <> wrote:
Do you have "report dynamic content changes" checked under
preferences/settings/object presentation? You can also toggle this with
NVDA-5 on the number row. I'm pretty sure if you don't have this turned
on, the window doesn't read. I just checked, and that is indeed the

On 10/3/2021 9:53 PM, David Mehler wrote:

Using the latest version of NVDA though this problem occurred
previously, and win10 trying to read a command prompt window. This is
on a desktop. I can not read it, I am wondering if there's a setting I
have to enable?


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