Re: Is there a way to control click (select) with NVDA?


Under Windows, in most instances where list selection(s) are possible, CTRL + SPACEBAR will select (or deselect) an item to add to (remove from) the collection of things already selected.  You must keep the CTRL held down between items to do a multi select.  If you release it and proceed to move with the arrow keys the previously selected items will then deselect.  Note, you sometimes have to have held down CTRL and hit SPACEBAR two times to select the first item you wish to select.  I wish I could figure out why that is, but I've never yet found the "rhyme and reason" for it, but after that first item is selected, so long as CTRL remains held while moving between items, the following ones only need to have spacebar hit once to select (or deselect if you accidentally select something you don't want) it.

If you're trying to select all, try a CTRL + A , as that often works as a select all in any context where multi-selection is possible.

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