Re: Is there a way to control click (select) with NVDA?


On Mon, Oct 4, 2021 at 10:38 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:
The reason for the double press of CTRL Space is that you are already on the first item, so it is selected. What you are effectively doing, is unselecting, then reselecting it.
I now see what you mean, literally.   Those of us who are "point and clickers" in our general daily workings with Windows come into things like file explorer Windows with focus on the folder tree, not the file list, and everything in the file list is unselected.  When we point and click on that first item, it does a combination of "gain focus and select."

When I do the same thing via keyboard and down arrow on to the first item (or just land on it, no down arrowing necessary) precisely the same thing happens, but because of the way Windows shows focus and selection at the same time, and since I haven't pointed or clicked, there is a tendency to see what's presented as letting you know where the system focus is, rather than that it's also selected.

This is one of those things where I'm used to thinking about what I see in one way because I operate it in one way most of the time.  Thanks for pointing out that down/up arrowing through a list of items without having pressed anything gives me focus and selection simultaneously just as pointing to it and clicking would have.  After that, the need to hold CTRL, and keep it held, to continue selecting non-contiguous items via spacebar is precisely the same as it is were I clicking.

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