Re: NVDA and the Windows Task Scheduler

Steve Matzura

Thanks. Apparently it's not even an NVDA issue. Rather, it's whether the task is in the Local or Library area of Task Scheduler that determines whether the tabs you mention even appear. Also, when I create a task, it always goes into the Library area, never the Local area, so I am working with someone who already has a task in Local that he wants to get rid of. Since this has wound up to not be an NVDA question or problem, I'll move it elsewhere.

On 10/4/2021 9:52 AM, Gene wrote:
In Windows 7, you can check in Windows 10 to see if this applies, if you open properties, you are in a multipage dialog.  Tab or shift tab until you get to general, then right arrow through the other tabs, one of which is triggers.  Stop on triggers and tab around,  See if you find what you want. 
Others who use Windows 10 may answer but if you don’t want to wait, this may solve the problem.
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA and the Windows Task Scheduler
How do I get to the Actions menu? If I focus on a task I want to
manage--i.e., delete, run now, get properties, etc.--I should be able to
point the NVDA Mouse Cursor to the object and right-click it to bring up
the Actions menu. But it doesn't work. Neither does the Application key.
Is there a necessary add-on I'm missing, or what?

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