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no, I used it more and in depth I think that heading thing is that when you get some text through the chat box in any call or meating, waite for sometime it will do the separation of texts in the meating with heading it is from my personal vue on this

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Hello Gene and all,
I use Microsoft Teams every day at work.
Accessibility has been taken into account but in my opinion, Teams is not always usable.
First, there are many shortcuts that are really helpful.
Calling people and participating in conferences is easy when you know the shortcuts to use the camera or the microphone, when you share your screen. It is easier to interact with calls when you set Teams to open conversations in a new window.
But when you receive many messages in different teams and channels, I find it difficult to find where something new has happened, in opposition to Slack.
Some things are rendered very well by NVDA: for example in a conversation, each message has a different heading.
But when you get a new message I think it is not always very easy to find them: you often have to use the tab key to find it.
The activity tab that you can reach with ctrl+1 should list all unread activities but I often can access to only one activity.
Nevertheless, I find Teams easier to use with the desktop app than the browser interface.
And as far as my personal point of view is concerned, I prefer using Zoom for conferences and Slack for chatting. I find them easier to use with a screen reader.
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Hi guys

I have been asked the following question about how well nvda works with Microsoft teams. I do not use it so can not comment.

Are there others on the list who do and how well does it work with it.

I did not see a add on for it so is one not required? unless I missed it
on the website. I see there is one for zoom.

I note there is a lot of shortcuts you can use with it so I guess nvda
will work with it.

any bugs to look out while using it or is it pretty good.

I did come across this link and teams at

Any help would be good to feed back.

Gene nz

hope that you all are safe with your family,
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