Re: getting the word on the web to read wiht nvda?

Sarah k Alawami

Yeah he disabled downloads, but we can read the text even though we are not logged in with our editor accounts, which I’m not as I don’t need to be right now.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] getting the word on the web to read wiht nvda?



While I can click through on that link and see the document in the web browser, it's also clear to me based on both the way it's "visually veiled" as well as having received the message that I am not authorized to download or print the file that what I'm seeing is not accessible to a screen reader.  This is further confirmed by a "Read-Only" message when I try to click into the document, and the fact that if I use the more options button, find function, find itself cannot find the text I can clearly see is part of this document.

The issue likely lies in the security layers used for this document if you aren't a part of "the in group" that created it.

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