Re: Is there a way to control click (select) with NVDA?

Life in Six Dots

I’ll second “Really Simple SSL”.


From: <> On Behalf Of Shaun Everiss
Sent: Monday, 04 October 2021 18:10
Subject: Re: [nvda] Is there a way to control click (select) with NVDA?



I use this plugin.

Really Simple SSL

You don't need to direct anything its going to do it for you.

Your previder does need an updated cert and you have to be able to manually or automatically be able to keep that updated but as far as I understand it you just plug and play.

I have certainly had no issues with that plugin.



On 5/10/2021 2:53 am, Joshua Tubbs wrote:

I am trying to do 301 redirects to support HTTPS on my WordPress site. A guide I came across suggests using the Better Search Replace plugin to edit the URLs in the database tables from HTTP to HTTPS. However, the plugin has an unconventional list box with the tables in it and it says to control click on Windows to select multiple tables.

Is there any way to do this with NVDA, or is this just an inaccessible list box element and I need to find some other obscure way no doubt.


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