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Preach it brother! Win ten was a huge hype! Now that everybody has it or upgraded to it. It wore off. Mind you, I will use ten in a new computer. With this 7 box. I don’t fully trust it. I'll wait until this one dies then go to ten or a mac. I've had this system for 5 years. I'm happy with 7. I don’t need to keep up with every man and his dog!

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Well one thing all users still on 7 should be happy about especially if you install optionals, an update was released today from microsoft which removes gwx and at least 8 associated updates for win10.
Since updating today my performance has gone up and the hard drive seems to run quieter.
Even though I had stopped gwx from working microsoft is finally leaving us users alone.
In addition, even though they say that win7 is not the top of their game it has been recieving cumulitive updates as optional role ups.
As well as performance updates for dot net among others as well as system file checker fixes to work with that update.
My point is that while small win7 is still being enhanced.
My major bief around 10 was all the hype round and I was right.
Its a nice system to have but now most of the hype is gone we actually find that win10 is not the system that microsoft said it would be and in some cases its even worse.
Give me a desktop any day.

On 21/09/2016 2:02 p.m., Pauline Smith wrote:
This is one of the reasons I haven't taken the plunge and updated to
Windows 10. I have no clue what antivirus will work. You can no
longer use Security Essentials after Win 7 I don't think.


On 9/20/2016 7:59 AM, Salva Doménech Miguel via wrote:

I’m now ussing Eset SmartSecurity 9, and it’s a very big shit. The 8
version was more or less accessible but my it upgrades automatically
to 9 version. After, I have used Microsoft Security Essentials (a
very good antivirus) in Windows 7, but in Windows 10 the Windows
Defender locks me some aplications like Utorrent, cause of that i
changed to Eset. I’m also looking for a good antivirus for Windows.


El 20 sept 2016, a las 13:53, Walmir Schultz via
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It seems to me that the antivirus developers are the less
accessible-minded people in the software industry.

Until now I have not found an antivirus that can be used with NVDA.
From totally inaccessible right from the installation to barely
usable, none of the most famous free antivirus can be used without

I am using AVG because at least it can be automatically installed
with Ninite, but NVDA cannot read the messages dialog, I cannot
configure the antivirus and every time I install NVDA I need help
from someone cause AVG "don't like" something and NVDA stops responding.

What are your experiences in this matter?


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