Missing option for NLS e-reader braille display?


Hi, new to the list, though I was on this one or one like it several years ago. I just joined the NLS pilot program for the E-Reader, and my email address can’t seem to get added to their list there, so thought I’d ask here. I’m using NVDA 2021.2, and whether I try using the E-reader as a braille display via USB or Bluetooth, the automatic choice for braille display is always Humanware Brailliant. I understand that that’s the device that the NLS E-Reader was built from, but I know there’s supposed to be a driver or choice called NLS E-Reader, but it just isn’t there. There’s no NLS E-reader choice in the list either, and so I can’t use the braille keys or keyboard to do anything, I can only read the 20 cells around where the NVDA cursor is, controlled with my regular keyboard. It works perfectly with my Iphone, I can navigate and use it as a keyboard as expected, but not with NVDA on Windows 10. I can’t find anywhere to download the correct driver, and the lady from the library has no idea about how to set it up to work with NVDA. Would appreciate any ideas.

Shawn Klein



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