Re: Browse Mode single letter quick navigation shortcuts

hurrikennyandopo ...


What is happening is nvda not changing to browse mode? in a web page?

Is there some thing else grabbing the focus and you are stuck in focus mode?

Is it only in the one browser or all of the browsers or nvda is saying unknown down on the running applications area.

I guess the first thing I would try is running the Run COM Registration Fixing tool... under the tools section in nvda and follow the directions.

After that is done shut down the computer then start it up again and see if that fixes the problem.

There have been updates in the nvda 2021.2 release for this tool so make sure you have this version of nvda.

We wil see if it makes a difference.

Gene nz

On 5/10/2021 1:53 pm, Mike Adams wrote:
NVDA Browse mode single letter quick navigation shortcuts (H for heading X for checkbox etc.) do not work on this computer. I remember coming across an online page which recommended settings for Windows 10, to make this work, but I have not found that page since. Anyone remember the page I am talking about?
Current NVDA + previous version
Windows 10 Pro V: 20H2 Build: 19042.1165
Windows is maintained by an external company, but I have good coms with them.

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