Re: Windows 11 Discussions - Please have them elsewhere unless there's a direct NVDA issue involved #adminnotice


Yeah, I mean I'd like to get back into to discussing on  win10 group but I think my reputation is still shot overthere.

On 6/10/2021 12:13 pm, Brian Vogel wrote:
First, I will admit that I am as guilty as anyone in going down the Windows 11 discussion rabbit hole today, so no one should take the following personally.

We really can't be having general Windows 11 discussions on the NVDA main group.  There will be plenty of, "I can't seem to get NVDA to do <thing X> under Windows 11," discussions, which are on topic, but the feature set of Windows 11, whether we as individuals like them, or not, or even discussions regarding whether hardware is compatible with NVDA are not on-topic for the group.

These discussions are just fine on the Chat Subgroup or, if you really want to get into Q & A about Windows 11 as a screen reader user, join the Windows Access with Screen Readers Group (Formerly: Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Group)

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