Re: Why, oh why can I not get my choice of NVDA audio output device to stay as I set it?


Curtis, have you tried setting this in control panel > speech
recognition > text-to-speech>audio output?

On 10/6/21, Curtis Delzer <curtis@...> wrote:
When I save my configuration, and tell my preferred synthesizer to use a
particular sound card, save the configuration by hitting nvda-control-c,
then even ask NVDA to use this configuration when the computer boots,
etc. and then reload NVDA, I still get "microsoft sound mapper," what am
I doing wrong?

I DO NOT ALWAYS wish sound mapper, I wish only my particular sound
device to be used. Here's an example;

If ms sound mapper is used, if I am recording a remote broadcast and
routing it to let's say line one of virtual audio cable, that is also
Microsoft's sound mapper since that is from where the remote broadcast
comes in through Edge, right?

So if I tell NVDA to only use my sound card, why oh why is not that part
of the saved configuration? I ONLY WISH NVDA to use what I tell it too,
not to re-do sound mapper.

How many times does windows' figure they know more than we do?

Curtis Delzer

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