locked As Concerns Windows 11 Installation

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

So with all the discussion of Windows 11 installation and functionality, i decided to check for updates and install Windows 11. The first thing I did was to download a file that is supposed to determine whether or not my system will support Windows 11. The file is called: WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup.exe.

I did this, ran it and it approved of my current system. Then I went to the Windows update on my system and saw that Windows 11 was indeed available for my system. I click on the download and install button and after several minutes, I was prompted to restart my computer. After another few minutes, my system booted successfully and I received the message: "Updates are being installed; please don't turn off your computer.'  After several more minutes, this message went away and everything ran fine.

...Except when I opened the start menu and typed in Winver and pressed enter, Windows informed me that I was still running Windows 10.

When I checked Windows update, it now says that I am up to date.
What happened?

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