Re: adobe reader 64 bit does not work with NVDA

enes sarıbaş

Hi Brian,

Going 64 bit is really benefitial for certain types of software, for example file compression software, antiviruses etc that use lots of memory and CPU cycles.  I will get around to nuking 64 bit reader, but I wish it had worked especially since Quentin on this list earlier had said he had no issues.

On 10/7/2021 9:49 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

       I can say, with absolute certainty, that at one point (probably in the past) Microsoft explicitly instructed to use the 32-bit version of Office unless you needed something that could not be had without the 64-bit.

        But, my statement is about what we techs "on the ground" routinely advise, particularly after an issue has reared its ugly head with a 64-bit version of anything.  For lots of stuff I still just install the 32-bit because it's the "most focused upon" in the development cycles at the moment.  That's definitely going to change, and I wish it had changed ages ago, but there has always been a need to keep the 32-bit stuff "in tip top shape" since it can run under a 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows.

        There's lots of 64-bit software, I'd say most of it, that you won't have a single, solitary problem with.  But if you are, or suspect you might based upon reports such as those made in this topic, and a 32-bit version exists, then nuke the 64-bit install and then install the 32-bit version.

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