Re: adobe reader 64 bit does not work with NVDA


I did once but who knows.

Adobe reader just updated again.

Sadly it seems adobe reader likes to update itself you may if you root about can get a 32 bit adobe reader but yeah its done this before.

For a while its been ok.

Still is ok.

This is  what you may want to do.

1.  open the document then imediately alt tab away, do it again.

Wait till its finnished processing.

push up arrow, it should ding.

Hit alt tab again, and keep doing that till the document appears.

Now this will work with online documents, but I have had documents which just don't work so well due to how they are constructed.

For those I use balabolka but they can run together.

In general any coded web documents do not crash and most documents should be ok but yeah there are issues some times.

On 8/10/2021 1:05 am, enes sarıbaş wrote:
Hi all,

I am running latest windows 10 21h1, with NVDA latest alpha build   as of this writing.   Adobe reader 64 bit doesn't work at all.  When clicking on a document, it becomes unresponsive, and exits adobe reader within 30 seconds with no error message.  Is anyone else experiencing this?


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