Re: Why, oh why can I not get my choice of NVDA audio output device to stay as I set it?

Sarah k Alawami

Have you reset nvda, reinstalled it, done a scan for mailware, done the dcim thing etc?  I’m no thaving this issue, it keeps my thing at line 2 when I need it.


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 OK, my point exactly, though I saved the configuration with NVDA+CONTROL+c, then just restarting NVDA, the device I told NVDA  to use is again NOT selected but Microsoft sound mapper which I DO NOT WANT. The device is running because my computer doesn't take power from the device since it is plugged into a powered hub, but NVDA insists on using sound mapper.

So, as I'd mentioned if I am recording off the net through Edge and redirecting it to virtual cable line one which with edge is using Microsoft sound mapper, restart NVDA for any reason, it reverts to sound mapper and any speech then gets recorded, destroying any recording I've done with what my synthesizer is saying.

No thanks, :) and I then need to start the recording all over, etc.

btw I hadn't seen other replies to  this message, just Quentin's, thank you.


and I discovered, that "unmute audio" add-on has a configuration which resets to original device"

so that was the culpritt.



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Making a change to any of NVDA's settings and pressing the OK (or apply) button, simply changes the current setting, but does not save the change.  NVDA by default is set to save its configuration on exit, and as long as NVDA exits normally (eg it doesn't crash) that should be fine.  If you have turned that setting off though, you will need to save your configuration manually by pressing NVDA+control+c.

The original poster mentioned they had saved with NVDA+control+c so this seems like a different issue.  FWIW, I just went into NVDA's synthesizer settings, changed my output device, saved and restarted NVDA and it came up using the output device I had changed to, so that seems to work as advertised.  For Curtis - If NVDA is starting on system startup, I wonder if it could be that the device you are intending to use isn't ready yet and that is why it falls back to the Microsoft Sound mapper?  If you make the change, save settings and then restart NVDA, what sound device is selected?  If that works then it might be the device not being ready on system startup, although I can't think of a workaround for that offhand.




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Are you using the select synthesizer dialog in NVDA to make the change?  Are you selecting what you want to be used and then activating the ok button?  If so, and if the change isn’t retained, there is a problem but I’m not sure what it is.  The function should work properly.



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When I save my configuration, and tell my preferred synthesizer to use a
particular sound card, save the configuration by hitting nvda-control-c,
then even ask NVDA to use this configuration when the computer boots,
etc. and then reload NVDA, I still get "microsoft sound mapper," what am
I doing wrong?

I DO NOT ALWAYS wish sound mapper, I wish only my particular sound
device to be used. Here's an example;

If ms sound mapper is used, if I am recording a remote broadcast and
routing it to let's say line one of virtual audio cable, that is also
Microsoft's sound mapper since that is from where the remote broadcast
comes in through Edge, right?

So if I tell NVDA to only use my sound card, why oh why is not that part
of the saved configuration? I ONLY WISH NVDA to use what I tell it too,
not to re-do sound mapper.

How many times does windows' figure they know more than we do?

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