NVDACon 2021: Save the Date!

Christopher Duffley

Dear NVDA supporters, contributors, users, software developers, and accessibility enthusiasts around the world:

We, the NVDACon 2021 planning committee, would like to send you a save the date announcement for NVDACon, invite you to start preparing topics for this year’s conference, and post some welcome announcements.


NVDACon 2021 will be held on the first weekend of December 2021. The exact dates and timing will be determined as the conference draws closer and the speakers are known. This year, the conference is titled “NVDA: 15 Years and Still Evolving.” NVDACon 2021 would be thrilled to have people present. Previous presentations have occurred at a global scale, and include countries such as The United States, Australia, Ireland, India, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Brazil, And more. As a conference that aims to meet the needs of as many people as possible, we will be using Zoom for this year's conference so that people can dial in on telephones from places with poor internet as wel as to help moderators fight increasing spam and security threats to the conference due to teamtalks lax security and moderation controls. Please start preparing your topics for a soon to be released call for topics form.


Also, NVDACon is entirely organized by a volunteer team around the world, and volunteers who wish to help out with session moddoration, audio editing, technical support, planning, promotion, and conference leadership tasks are always welcome. If you are interested in helping with conference planning, please fill out our volunteer form. As always, the NVDACon planning committee is thrilled to have you joining us in our conference to celebrate 15 years of a free screen reader for anyone anywhere to use. Here’s to 100 more years of accessible technology for all!


Thank you,

Christopher Duffley

Part of NVDACon Planning Committee

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