My Tutorials on Google Drive #adminnotice


I normally wouldn't send this sort of message out, period, but since I know I have posted messages on so many occasions with direct download links to tutorials or other material I have stored on Google Drive, this is important for the membership to know.

Google has recently done the first major security change related to access to Google Drive since I've been using it.  This has broken a lot of links to specific material, but it does not affect everything.  It's really impossible for me to know which things remain downloadable and which choke, and it's certainly going to be impossible to go back and retroactively correct links that are dead.

If anyone attempts to download something I've given a link to in the past and it fails, I would appreciate receiving a private message, or an additional post on this topic, identifying the actual link that is not working and where you got it from.  The second half is really critical, as I cannot correct it for archive searchers if I don't know which link it was in which message.  I will, to the best of my ability, correct that link at the source where it is currently broken once I know where, as well as supplying the corrected link.

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