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David Goldfield

Josh, I haven’t done a complete comparison between the Acapela voices and the Code Factory voices but I would judge their responsiveness as similar. The Acapela voices might be a tad bit less responsive and I’d put a lot of emphasis on tad. I would advise that you install them and judge for yourself since the product does allow for a seven-day trial. It’s been around four years since I purchased them but I believe I did so in U.S. dollars. Like any product which requires the license to be activated make sure that you have an Internet connection when you activate it. Like all such products save your license key into a file that you can easily access later if you need to do so. You may need to copy and paste the key into an edit field within the program to activate it. Apologies if I sound a bit vague on this but, as I said, it’s been several years since I went through the purchasing and activation.


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Subject: [nvda] nvda and acapela for nvda voices



I was thinking of buying the acapela nvda voices either this month or next month. Are they as good and responsive as codeFactory vocalizer voices? Will they work with nvda 2021.2 and later? Also can I buy in united states dollars, or do I have convert the price from euros to united states dollars first before I buy them? Have any of you had any issues with activation?

Last, are there sapi5 versions of latest acapela voices to buy also, if I want to later on rather than the voices being tied to NVDA?





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