new issue with NVDA 2021.2 on windows 10

David Mehler


This issue just popped up today when I really started noticing it. To
the best of my knowledge I've not got any windows 10 upgrades, and I
know no NVDA updates. I'm running win10 and NVDA 2021.2 this is on my
desktop so am using desktop keyboard mode and the numpad.

The issue is when I review a screen this is happening so far in two
applications exploring the desktop with screen review, or a properties
dialog same review type, I do an up/down on the numpad and I hear top
or bottom, I have to back the review mode to object then go back to
screen to get any output. This works once then next time I have to use
any sort of screen review I try that procedure again and I get no
feedback regarding object review mode that I've switched to in fact
NVDA doesn't switch. I can temporarily solve this issue by restarting



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