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I’m not Brian but I was curious about the question.  I didn’t know this was in the exit NVDA dialog.  If you issue the command NVDA key q, you will be in a combo box.  You are on shut down when it opens.  If you down arrow, you will find a number of, at times, important options for how NVDA restarts.  The last one is restart with debug logging enabled.  These restart options only affect how NVDA restarts the one time you press enter on the item you want to be carried out. 

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Hi brian


Which one it is the debug please?

Thanks in advance




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At the end of it all, it's worth taking The Most Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Suspected NVDA Issues
and filing an issue if the problem remains.  And from what has passed earlier in this topic it appears that most, if not all, of those steps have been taken as well as a few more.  If my suggestion about clearing browser cache has not been taken, please do take it, as it's simple and it eliminates another possible factor.

In a case like this, if you've already been thorough about all the basic troubleshooting steps, plus more, I'd also suggest that you:
1. restart NVDA with debug level logging enabled
2. do whatever it is you need to do to reproduce the problem
3. once you've encountered that problem hit NVDA + F1 to open log viewer, select everything, copy the entire log to a new file in Notepad, and save it.
4. Include that log file as part of your issue report.  If memory serves it can be attached.  If not, complete the issue report, and then immediately comment on your own issue, pasting the log file in as the comment.

See: Creating an Issue in GitHub for NVDA

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