Re: New and apparent lag with NVDA in File Explorer, and an Introducion


Hi Francisco, I’ve had this problem various times with various computers intermittently going back to at least Windows 7. Sometimes defragging the harddrives helps. Does it happen on all drives? Does it happen on thumb drives? Does it only happen on a USB-connected external drive? It could mean your drive is on it’s way out and needs chkdsk run on it desperately as well, and you may need to clean the dust out of your machine physically, dust causes it to overheat. Does this happen with narrator or JFW if you have it?

Shawn Klein

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Subject: [nvda] New and apparent lag with NVDA in File Explorer, and an Introducion


Hello everyone,


My name’s Francisco, I’m a highschool student who has been using NVDA since circa 2014.

I use NVDA daily for an array of things, from homework, to entertainment and so on.

Enough about me, here is the problem I am facing:

Both in Windows 10 and 11, which I’m currently using, NvDA lags behind when navigating folders and files in File Explorer.

Half a second to a second passes from when I press up or down arrow, to when NVDA announces the item under the cursor.

As you can probably imagine, it can get quite annoying at times, particulary when I’m trying to be quick about opening a file.

First letter navigation helps, but having a lot of files starting with the same letters doesn’t help as much, just to balance out things.

My question is, has anyone experienced this kind of behavior when using NvDA? If so, how did you fix it?

If you don’t use file explorer and use an alternative, what would you recommend?

Thank you for any answer.

Have a good day.

Best regards.



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