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kavein thran

hi, good rundown , I love it,

just, couple of things to ask here,

could we download a large playlist or multiple videos, say, I have
about thousand youtube links, could it be paste there and download,

On 3/16/16, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:
Hi all.
I was going to do a small audio tutorial on this but decided to do it in
text instead.
Yesterday during the presentation or just before someone on here asked
me about youtube-dl and I promised I'd do it if I had time.
Time came today and I did youtube-dl well ran it through its paces.
Firstly I didn't use the command line youtube-dl.
The way I did it was via youtube-dl-g which is what you should put in
google, the first link should get you to the github page.
Download the windows setup zip file.
note, if you actually don't want to have the setup, coppy the link to it
then delete the everything after /releases and go to the releases, I in
the end got the portable.
Next, the question was do I need python, no everything needed is
contained in the program.
For the demonstration I found a youtube vid that was 7 minutes long from
nvda well about nvda and there are a few of these, I then ran
youtube-dl-g executable file.
its a simple layout, from what I could figure out, there is an update
button to update the program I assume, a ariea for urls and an options
button as well as a download button.
I paste in a youtube url and hit download.
I then was able to get access to the file who's location opened on the
end of the download and as well as that the program put up a dialog on
what to do and then it played in winamp as expected.
So why not the podcast?
While the program was quite simple to use, access wize there were a few
things lacking.
While I could guess some of the option pages, control tab when I
switched to the next tab the tabs did not speak the first one said tab
control but everything else never spoke.
So while I could get access and change audio options, the video types in
their combo boxes, and turn on and off audio conversion which seemlessly
happens on the fly by the way, I was unable to get the titles of the
combo boxes.
So there were a few pages where I have no idea what they were.
As it stands you can with any confidence set the following.
you will want to do that immediately as it defaults to %username% which
while fine is not.
I had adobe digital additions do that to me with its settings, this made
my user directory inaccessable till I killed the file it made %appdata%
not work.
sadly %username% and a few other variables are still screwed over thank
god I don't need these that often.
Since there is no brouse button I would set it to something off the root
or somewhere you can find stuff later.
for me I put it in the downloads folder off my root which is where I put
ftp files to.
the next tab after the general one which also has a reset options button.
has a editable box saying default and by going up and down you can
choose the video type downloaded what sort web m mp4 apple, 3gp, mobile
and flv flash video of different qualities.
In addition there is a box becide it set to none which I assume has a
video you can save it to if you don't want the video in that format.
once you set either the second to none or the first to default the
second box is no more.
the default is probably whatever the video came in mostly mp4 apple video.
the next tab has the audio on and off checkbox which is always unticked.
The formats are, mpeg layer 3, apple losless aac, ogg vorbis and
microsoft wave.
as they appear in the list they are
aac, wav and vorbis.
You can set these in the next box high mid or low.
I sadly couldn't customise what those settings were.
The next page is a lot of numbers and I didn't know what those were.
The next page all with control tab I assume because of protected fields
is your proxy or something else.
the next 2 pages are numbers and I assume its all to do with networks
but I don't know what they do as they don't speak.
there is no ok or cancel so you just alt f4 out of the options window.
Your next question is can youtube -dl -g be used?
Can it be used fully, not without some work.
Its also worth noting that its not even passed version 1.0 yet.
I myself don't need to convert many youtube videos however I'd like to
test if someone can download a huge video say 2-5 hours long and see
what that does to how long it takes.
it took 1 minute at 250kbps to get a 7 minute video on nvda.
I do think that if someone uses this a lot they should probably ask the
author to make things more accessable, however all it needs are things
like labling of all the options, tabs, boxes, icons, etc as the main
issue is that most of the options and interface does not have much
labeling and thats probably all it needs.
The main interface is ok, but its just options that are not labeled.
it also did not contain any docs over its readme which being a wing it
guy didn't read, and I am confident to say you don't need that file as
Being that it is opensource, I am not sure about linux/windows but I am
wandering if someone has time they could make this thing work better
access wize or write an addon for nvda.
Look round but I don't think much needs to be done.
I may contact the author and see anyway.

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