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Richard Bartholomew

Not MS Access oriented but from the more corporate DB side of things, eg Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc, when I was working as a production support DBA (admittedly a few years ago now!), whilst my seeing colleagues used GUIs for quickly seeing the health of DBs from the locks/space usage/general performance side of things, for 'serious' work, like me, they used the command line and raw SQL to get the job done efficiently.



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I actually need to take the time to go through the tutorials TheeQuinn has put out there just for my own curiosity, but the tiny (and it was very tiny) bit that I picked up from the page and comments suggests that it focuses on the GUI for MS-Access.  And as the first, and only resource that addresses that for screen reader users, all I can say is:  Bravo!

But since I see she's "entered the fray" here, I'm curious to solicit her, and perhaps others', opinions about using MS-Access from the command line and with SQL and data files.

I'm not blind, but when I was first learning RDBMS systems that's truly the only way you accessed them.  That went by the wayside as the primary access method as GUIs developed, but in the case of a screen reader user I often think that using the command line interface with SQL and data files could be much easier, and much less error prone.

Just wondering if anyone is actually going that route, and what they have to say about it.

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