NVDA Is Malfunctioning On My Windows10 Computer

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi good people:
NVDA does not work properly on my computer. This happens most often,
when I am on the internet. It is some times very difficult for me to
launch a browser.
I use mozilla firefox, but many times it is very difficult for me to
launch it. I try running the com registration tool, but it doesn't
change anything.
Added to that, when I launch microsoft word, it takes ages to launch
and start reading anything. And even the reading is so slow.
Is there a way of getting around this problem?
I use an old version of the program, which is the 2020 release. The
latest version is not compatible with an AdOn I use with my preferred
speech synthesizer.
Hope to get some help.
I also want to find out the use of a portable copy of NVDA. I've never
tried it out. Can it help me in this situation I've just spelt out.
Kind regards.

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